G. Garlatyová

In accordance to the manifesto of a two-member group Iron Party, the painter Jan Vasilko (the second member of the group is P. Kralik) points out, by means of utopistic fabulation, socially dominant groups: corporations, political parties, celebrities of showbusiness, sport (e.g. a hockey match referring to the tactics of art). Within the intentions of dadaist perception of art, he ironizes the pitfalls of artistic production, marketing, advertising. Vasilko works within the realms of figural painting, through his smooth manuscript and the language of geometry, he uses the comics fund and pop-art aesthetics to parody the advertising design. The colour scheme of paintings is mostly reduced to shades of brown and grey, which represent author´s iconography (excavator, harvester, hockey stick, frame of a painting etc.). In his themes, comedy, derisiveness and seriousness is combined, modernistic art together with the contemporary one, romantic and melancholic parts merge with visually rational concept.